rotfl - text formatting language

What is rotfl?

rotfl is a simple text-formatting language. It's similar in function to TeX, HTML, nroff/groff, Postscript, etc. However, it's far less complicated than any of those. I made is simple because I didn't want to learn a complicated text formatting language, yet needed to format some stuff for use on my server. If you are looking to create some nicely formatted text without having to learn a complicated language, then rotfl is perfect for you.

So what can rotfl do?

Well, rotfl is based on a system of markup tags, just like HTML or other formatting languages. By applying these tags to a line of text, that line is output is a certain way. First off, rotfl deals with a file full of records. A record is similar to an entry in a journal or diary. You make one or more records in a file.

Within each record, you can have a header section that holds information about the record's title, author, and date created. Then you just type in the rest of your entry. Any text that does not have a tag is output exactly as it is typed in. So you don't have to use complicatd tags just to create a special format...all you have to do is type it in how you want it.

rotfl can handle indenting, right and center justification, multiple records per file, multiple page records, and nested lists. There are more features on the way. Check the changelog or the documentation that comes with it to see a full feature list.

The newest version now includes support for a table of contents, a version tag, and fixes several annoying bugs. There is a new install and uninstall script, which are also written in perl. It also includes command line options, new examples, and updated documentation.

Thanks to the efforts of Mike Burns, I now have a rotfl to html/css converter. There's a thing or two that I need to fix up and it will get into the next version. Even better, it's written in Perl! Pretty cool stuff!

Check out his rotfl site for this converter and some other information. He's also got a lot of documentation and examples up which are probably better than the crap docs that I wrote. Check it out.

Where do I get rotfl?

The latest version is rotfl 0.6.4.
is available right here:

Older versions of rotfl are also available from the above ftp site link. However, you really shouldn't be using an older version since they sometimes contain a stupid bug or two that has since been fixed.

the changelog is also available from the ftp site, if you want to know what has changed between versions.

Who's responsible?

freq is begin developed by Chris Lumens. It is being written completely in perl, and is designed to work on anyone's system (well, at least any linux/unix/etc system). Ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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