100 Days, 100 Beers: Day #1

Posted on April 7, 2009 by Chris Lumens in beer.

Inspired by Will’s frequent statement that he needs exactly 100 beers and kind of stuck in a beer drinking rut, I have decided that for the next 100 days I will have one new beer every day. Now of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy beers I’ve already had. I just have to have a new one in there at some point too. I’m also going to declare that homebrew shouldn’t count. And you can’t embark on a mission like this without documenting it in painstaking detail on the internet. So with that in mind, I present day #1…

*Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout**

Well, what to say. This beer poured black and opaque, even with a brown head that didn’t last all that long. I poured it into my free Ommegang glass that came with the holiday sampler a couple years back. The bottle tells me this beer is an imperial stout, and they were not lying. It hit with a massive punch of ROASTY! that also included a fair amount of hops. I didn’t detect much in the form of chocolate, except perhaps as additional richness and creaminess in the beer. This was a very thick, rich beer that had a lingering flavor. It did not really change as it warmed up.

I’ve never really cared for imperial anything, much less imperial stout. So this was not my favorite beer. I’ll give them credit for creating a well-made beer - it’s just not my thing. Stouts in general have always kind of bored me. The standard stout is a whole lot of roasted malt and a whole lot of black malt, with little else going on in there. So if you don’t like roasty, prepare for disappointment. That’s one reason chocolate stouts and oatmeal stouts and the like appeal to me. There’s another layer of flavors in there. Sadly with this beer, I did not find nearly enough chocolate to my liking and what was there was overpowered by the imperialness.